Where it all began…

I started working at HealthQuest Physical Therapy in August of 2010.  I hired into their Mount Clemens location, to work as their main front desk person while their normal lady was on maternity leave. It was strange, arriving at HQ.  Luckily, the location I chose to work out of had transitioned to an Excel-style scheduler, but all of the other clinics were still using paper appointment books.  Their methods were archaic and outdated.  Each of the clinics (located in Rochester, Romeo, Lake Orion, Mt. Clemens, Shelby Township, Oxford, Clawson, Macomb Township, and Clarkston), had a computer, but we were primarily communicating using fax machines.  It seemed so bizarre coming from my last employer, Lombardo Homes, who had gone paperless several years ago.  I quickly acclimated to the new procedures and was soon operating on my own at the front desk, running it like a finely tuned machine.

When she came back from maternity leave, my hours were cut from 35 a week to 10 a week, and several of the other clinics offered to supplement my income by inviting me to work part time at their clinics.  I chose to take the Rochester clinic up on their offer in January of 2011.  In June of that same year, I left the Mt. Clemens clinic due to professional differences with my full-time counterpart.  I picked up some hours working in a restaurant near Lakeside Mall to supplement my even further reduced income.

In January of 2012, I was approached by the CFO of HQPT to begin to pick up some extra hours in the billing department, processing checks and payments, and just kind of functioning as a billing department assistant.  I took her up on her offer, as all of these tasks were things I had done at Lombardo as well.  I worked at the front desk and in the billing department for a few months along with my serving job,

In reviewing my degree plan and realizing I could be done with a Writing major and an English minor after only one more course, I decided to cut my stay at OU a bit shorter than I had originally planned.  I knew I had made the right decision when I heard through the grapevine that the company I’d worked for over the last two years was looking to hire a new full time member for their marketing team.  A few days after sitting through a really casual and brief interview with John (and handing him a copy of my portfolio from WRT331), their head of marketing, I was informed I was the one.  I was later informed that I was the most educated on marketing techniques and language use, the most charismatic applicant, and I already knew every other avenue and aspect of the company, so it was an easy decision.  This made me feel really good about the writing department and the knowledge I gained in the courses I took throughout the years.

Perfectly enough, they were looking to hire someone to start out as a part time employee, and eventually work his/her way up to full time this fall, which between my front desk gig, the billing department, and my serving job, was all I really had room for anyway.  It was so nice to have things just sort of fall into place.  I’ve absolutely loved my time spent at HQ, and I’m excited to continue on this journey.