La fin du monde

by jnegrne

Well, I suppose today is the last official day of this internship, so I suppose this is the perfect time to write my closing entry.

Our new Facebook campaign has been opening up slowly, but it’s hard because there is so much illiteracy when it comes to this company with computers and media, so I’m having to explain every last detail every step of the way.  I really am starting to believe that this company is a good fit for me in the long term, which is good since I did sign a piece of paper at the start of this stating that I intended on sticking around for awhile.

I’ve worked on a lot of projects that I thought were just small fish in a big pond, but really they ended up being big fish in my pond.  My HealthLine issue received rave reviews from our clinical staff and patients alike.  Physical therapists are really busy people.  If they’re not working with patients, they’re working with patients’ charts, so it can be really hard to schedule some time with them to interview them for the articles I had to write.  They’re all extremely helpful, but in this case, writing the articles was the easiest part for me!  I consider myself a rather charismatic individual, so once I was given the time, the interviews went smoothly, but man: scheduling is hard!

And so we’re off now, I guess.  My undergraduate stint is coming to a close with this entry.  It’s kind of weird to think that all of my debt accumulation (for now), my classes, and my commutes (one hour each way eeeeep!), are coming to a close with a simple blog entry from my couch with my cat curled up in my lap.  But hey, this is the way the world ends, right?  Not with a bang, but a whimper.